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Do Good Things with Friends

Do Good Things With Friends: An Interactive Coffee Table Photobook (Premium Hardcover)

Do Good Things With Friends: An Interactive Coffee Table Photobook (Premium Hardcover)

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The "Do Good Things With Friends" Interactive Coffee Table Photobook isn't just a collection of pages; it's a gateway to meaningful adventures with friends and a reminder of the impact you can make in the world around you.

Features & Benefits:

🤝A Mission of Good: More than a book, this is an invitation to you and your friends to join forces in spreading good in the world, transforming everyday moments into a chain of positive actions.

📸Capture and Cherish Memories: Document your journey! As you complete each challenge with friends, capture these moments and add them to the book. It's designed to become a personal gallery of the good you've spread together.

💡 Kindness Made Easy and Comfortable: Feeling hesitant to perform acts of kindness? This book serves as your friendly prompt, offering creative and approachable challenges that make doing good feel natural and fulfilling, without any awkwardness.

🌍 Join a Community of Do-Gooders: By owning this book, you're not just a reader; you're part of a global movement. Share your experiences using #dogoodthingswithfriends and inspire a wave of goodness.

🛍️Business Involvement: Business owners can join the cause too! Encourage your customers to do good, and let's share the ripple of positivity together. Message us for bulk orders!

💭Support for Your Ideas: Short on funds for a good deed? Apply for a mini-grant at and bring your idea to life!

How It Works:

  1. Choose a challenge from the book - your new mission awaits.
  2. Assemble your friends or family to go out and do something good.
  3. Capture a picture that represents the experience.
  4. Affix the photo in your book, creating a lasting memory of your shared experience.

Durability and Design:

  • Spiral Premium Hardcover: Crafted with a durable premium hardcover, this book is designed to last. Whether it's opened frequently or displayed on your coffee table, it stands up to regular use with ease.
  • Expanding Design: The unique spiral binding allows your book to grow in size as you add more pictures. No more struggling to close your book when new memories are added!

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Ready to create a special book of good memories?

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